Brave new world. Welcome to Box Babble

So here we are - TVLive Forum has closed its door and we enter a brave new world of TV presentation discussion.

Obviously there are now three sites hoping to become the natural home for pres fans. is live, as is from the people behind the Clean Feed and I think we are very much the underdogs in this race at Box Babble.

I have put a lot of work into producing a site that I think is worthy of people who appreciate TV presentation and branding.

I haven’t just taken the stock theme that comes with the forum software and applied a garish colour and proclaimed, ‘that’ll do!’.

Also, I strongly believe that the choice of forum software here is superior to anything else on offer. Discourse is miles ahead of the old style forums provided by myBB or phpBB.

Everything here is live. Pages update in real time as posts are added and you can see when somebody is adding to your post.

In the future we also have the ability to create wikis which I think could be something to explore.

Ultimately, now that TVLF is offline, I have very little way of spreading the word about this site, but I still hope we can create a great community over here.

Please tell your friends and get stuck into the conversation. Hopefully, little by little, we can plug away at this and build a friendly, knowledgeable community of likeminded TV pres fans.

Liam (formerly LI4M on TVLF and lhx1985 on TVForum)

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The other 2 sites were mentioned on the old TVLF page but this wasn’t. Clear underdog but we need to wait and see.

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Yeah I saw that. Hope I hadn’t upset Rob in any way.

It is what it is. I am going to keep plugging away as I strongly believe that this site can offer something that the others currently do not.

That said, if it doesn’t work out I’ve always said that my main motivation was to continue the TV pres discussion and I’ll go wherever that may be.