Eurovision :eurovision_ua: : UK to host on behalf of Ukraine


BBC to host Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Ukraine (

there was no other choice, TBH no way ukrane could host it this year

Any thoughts on what would be the most suitable host city?

BBC probably unlikely to go for London, though it’s probably the easiest city to get to from the rest of Europe (Heathrow issues, aside).

Birmingham was chosen the last time the UK hosted.

Maybe Cardiff or Glasgow this time round?

I don’t think the Principality Stadium would be suitable for a Eurovision. It’s probably busy anyway with rugby and football and whatever.

The Birmingham Bid is my favourite - the NEC is a one stop shop. Eurocafe, Euroclub, Eurovillage, press centre etc can all come onsite and the airport is literally next door. Great road and rail links. Total no brainer.

Birmingham seems like a reasonable choice with everything nearby to the Resorts World Arena. Especially with the Resorts World nearby the NEC with loads of premium shops and restaurants. Utilita Arena could also work as it’s nearby the canal-side shops, bars and restaurants.

But it seems Glasgow is obviously the big favourite to host. We haven’t seen a Eurovision outside of England since 1972 in Edinburgh, so having a Scottish host would be a nice change of pace.