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Community Guidelines - Staff - Box Babble

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In relation to users who may choose to join the Box Babble community and who have previously been banned from other TV presentation forums, such as TV Forum or TV Live Forum:

The honest truth is that the operators of this site, or any other similar site, have no access to the data that could prevent users banned from elsewhere popping up here. We have no idea what email addresses people would be signing up with nor their IP addresses.

That said, where users of particular ‘known’ usernames with a long-standing history of causing problems for those who run TV presentation website or showing animosity among other forum members are likely to find that their participation here will be short-lived.

My advice to such users is as follows:

  1. Reflect on why you were banned. What behaviours did you display that were considered objectionable?

  2. Start afresh. Pick a new username, treat people with respect and treat this as a second chance. Be a new person and try and bring something that will benefit the community.

  3. Keep your head down. Do not attempt to settle any old scores, don’t whine about how other forums treated you badly. Just get on with discussing TV presentation.