Introductions - Come say hi

The thread to introduce yourself to your fellow community members…

Hi I’m Luke!
I’m a Broadcasting Uni student! I didn’t end up creating an account on TVLive but I just ended up lurking!
Liking the look of the site! Will be my go to for now!


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hello, im nick.
i live in the sacramento, california area, and am a twitch streamer, and former radio board op/on air talent(gave out of town scores on air for high school american football games that my station aired)

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I am Liam. I’m switching to using this account for non-admin tasks for the time being.

Lifelong TV presentation fan with a particular interest in news and sports graphics.

Hello there,

My name is Michael but most of you will know me as FanOfTV99.

I actually been on these forums since 2017 starting with TV Forum but I have been a lurker since 2009. Mainly on the mock designs. I always use to remember looking at these mocks and always think to myself “I wanna make this types of mocks in the future”. Thankfully I did with some of theme being liked and some of them needing improvements.

As with TV Forum, I also made a TV Live Forum account too and being one of the founding members as well.

I am looking forward to see what Box Babble has instore with in it’s time and I am glad to be here.

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Hi all,

I’ve always been interested in the workings of and developments in TV, particularly sports broadcasting, rights and presentation/graphics.

I posted on DS occasionally, but mainly lurked otherwise. The last couple of days were interesting for me! I remembered that a long time ago, I’d been reading the sport threads over at TV Forum, so went to check out the latest. There I discovered the site had closed, and through the last thread there, saw TVLF. I visited there and saw that it was also closing, so decided I should probably join one of the successor sites.

Really liking the design here - great work!

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Hello there,

I’m a holdover from TV Live Forum, it is great to be part of this new community. I’m a journalism student in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM); since my childhood, I have been dreaming of being a broadcast news anchor and executive on radio and TV, as a result, I’ve been researching about television, specially, in Europe. I have been for years a fan of the presentation of European broadcasting, specially, of Scandinavian television; therefore, I’ve have been looking at their examples as part of my personal dream projects. I share the passion of researching all what’s old and new in TV presentation and the inner workings of the industry with all of you.

It is nice to meet you and hoping for great things going forward. I will be focusing mostly on Latin American television, given my geographic position, but I will and indeed contribute on the things that I can share with you.


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