Site status: The to-do list

In the interest of showing my progress, here’s what I am working on, what is planned, what’s done and my excuses for taking my time…

Item Done In progress Next Later
Get the software installed and running :white_check_mark:
Basic testing, is the site operational :white_check_mark:
Server side tune up for resilience :white_check_mark:
Lick of paint, introduce a new look and feel :white_check_mark:
Build moderation team :white_check_mark:
Introduce community guidelines and basic ground rules :white_check_mark:
Twitter & Facebook integration for easier sign-up :white_check_mark:
Region indicators (homage to TVF and TVLF) :white_check_mark:
Blue-tick for verified industry members :white_check_mark:
Build sister site at the main domain :white_check_mark:
Mocks area :white_check_mark: