TV Breakdown Appreciation Thread

So in 2017 on TV Live Forum, I made a thread on something that I love which is TV breakdowns. Since then, alot of people used that thread to discuss, enjoy and even talk to people who experienced breakdowns when working in Television.

I thought to myself that Box Babble is open, I think it’s time to open the Breakdown Thread.

Amazingly enough, someone on YouTube have actually made on a famous breakdown that happened in 2000 at the BBC along with the ones in 2001 and 2003. Have a look at it if you want to see what happened during those power cuts.

A breakdown that I do like is the one from Channel 4 in 1999. This was actually because 4 was able to play the menu theme from that time and is actually one of my favourite tv themes of all time.

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I must admit, I am partial to a TV break-down - except when I am watching something I enjoy, of course!

Especially on some of the ‘lesser’ channels without the calm voice of a continuity announcer to guide you through the break. Always felt like somebody, somewhere was having a full-on panic.

Wait, WHAT?? Hey! I’m the bloke who did the Power cuts video! Its awesome to see people share it around! Honestly, cheers for watching.

I do have to say, breakdowns are lovely to watch. However, I always find myself watching some ITV ones! The yellow era is lovely. I enjoy my classic Bingo Night Live fault tho…


Does an airplane have wings?

(help how do you embed youtube videos)

Should just be able to paste in the link and it will be automagically converted.